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Maurice Bourget

Maurice Bourget, Owner

Bourget Construction is a third generation company in Southern California, beginning with Augustus Bourget who moved to Southern California from Canada in the 1930s. He owned one of the first General Contracting firms in Santa Monica. Augustus had five sons: Henry, Leo, Larry, Leonard and John. Together they started the first building material company in the area in 1947, today known as the Bourget Bros Building and Material Store.

Bourget Construction is owned and operated today by Maurice Bourget. Inspired and guided by his father Larry, he studied Construction Technology at Santa Monica City College receiving an AA degree, then studied another two years at the University of Southern California majoring in Civil Engineering. During this time he worked for several General Contractors, working summers and weekends gaining valuable on the job training. Following his studies at USC he worked for the city of Westchester in the city planning office. After several months, he decided to start his own business. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Maurice started his own construction company in 1976.

Bourget and sons

Maurice Bourget and sons Marcel and Trevor

More than thirty years later Bourget Construction continues to maintain its strong reputation for reliability and extensive local knowledge in all aspects of commercial and residential construction. Following the family tradition, Maurice’s two sons have joined the company. The oldest, Marcel, is currently a licensed electrician and has worked in the construction and electrical field since his teens. The youngest, Trevor, started working as well in the company on weekends and during the summer since his senior year in high school. He will soon be going to college to handle the new sanitation, septic systems for the company.We are very fortunate to receive these testimonials from previous clients.