Lee Rhoads, Topanga

…by replacing a small poorly built deck, Maurice Bourget turned my project into a major improvement on the house. The farm-grown Mangaris wood is not only lovely to look at, it created an outdoor dining area that increased the living space of the house…His workmanship was impeccable, and his cost estimates were always reasonable.

Greg Grether, Topanga

I cannot imagine having a better experience with a contractor! Bourget Construction completely remodeled our house. It was a large and complex job, with many decisions to make along the way, yet Maurice’s initial cost estimates were right on target. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the final product. We feel very fortunate to have found such a competent and reliable contractor.
Maurice is creative, full of great ideas, and clearly understands all aspects of house construction. He worked with us until he understood what we wanted, including our stylistic preferences. Our remodeled house is exactly what we would have done if we had the knowledge to design and build it ourselves.
With past contractors, we found it difficult to get the information that we needed to make decisions. Not so with Maurice Bourget. He was always generous with his time and willing to discuss every detail of the job with us. If he did not have an immediate answer, he did some research and got back to us promptly.
Maurice was personally involved in every aspect of the job, from drawing up architectural plans to putting on the finishing touches, and everything in between. Although he was working simultaneously on other projects, we never felt neglected. Maurice was always thinking a few steps ahead and presenting us with options…Most of the men in Maurice’s crew have worked with him for several years. Besides being skilled at their craft, they worked hard, cleaned up after themselves, and were always friendly and considerate to us and our neighbors.
I wholeheartedly recommend Bourget Construction.

Barney and Lorie, Topanga

Maurice Bourget just completed a major renovation of our Topanga house that included adding a second floor room over our garage, a complete remodel of our kitchen and re-arrangement of some features of our first floor, including raising the ceiling over one room and changing the wall-face on one side of the house. The job required major changes to the foundation as well as the addition of a new bathroom, thus new plumbing was required as well as extensive new electrical work. There was significant new framing work, wood flooring, and a new stucco exterior. All and all, a very big job. My wife and I (and our dog) lived in the house throughout the entire construction process.

We have nothing but positive things to say about the whole process. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Maurice and his crew. His crew, and all of the subcontractors chosen for different phases of the work, were fully professional and many were true craftsmen: the cabinetry, the wood staining, the tiling, the glasswork, all superb. Because we lived in the house, we saw the workers every day, and came to know many of them individually. They were completely trustworthy, helpful, considerate to our needs, and patient with our many questions and comments. They actually really loved and cared for our dog when we were away at work.

Maurice is a very warm and likeable person. Because our architect passed away just when construction was ready to start, we had to work closely with Maurice on many of the details of the project. In the end, we were completely happy with the final designs that emerged, many of which were created by us working together with Maurice or that were suggested fully by Maurice alone. He never forced any ideas on us but worked to help us realize our dreams for the house.

If pressed to identify any negatives, our only comment would be that the project took longer than expected. However, when we brought-up the pace with Maurice, he responded respectfully and saw to it that the workpace was accelerated and the project finished in a reasonable time. We would absolutely choose Maurice again, and recommend him with no reservations for any kind of similar project.

Denis and Karen Contis, Oceanside

Our design/build remodeling project is the result of many years of planning. The property was a beach retreat which was in desperate need of replacement. Located on the bluff in Oceanside, the property’s unobstructed view of the ocean spans from Dana Point in the north to La Jolla in the south. Planning and building our new two-story home was done in phases that lasted well over five years.

Maurice was consistently helpful, creative, and professional during the entire process. Since we’re located a good two-hour drive from his home base in Topanga, Maurice’s crew actually lived onsite during the work week, returning home to families on weekends. The guys were always polite, quiet, very neat, and respected our privacy to the utmost!

With Maurice in charge of the many details, the project was done without the many errors and redo’s that frequently cause construction delays, frustration, and additional costs. He laid out plans for the week and communicated clearly with his crew and with us to assure that construction would continue in a safe and efficient manner. This really helped reduce the stress that typically is associated with remodeling or new building projects.

Unlike other projects that are built from start to finish without interruption, we took our time to complete this major project due to business and family commitments. Because of the time factor, some of the city planning requirements actually changed during the process. Maurice and crew were able to adjust, adapt and comply with additional or new requirements for materials and design creatively and cooperatively. Maurice was available by phone, e-mail, fax or onsite as needed.

Maurice’s knowledge and experience in all types of construction projects really paid off, not only in a high-quality, beautiful home for us, but in reducing overall costs and delays for our project. We are very happy with the finished product and recommend Maurice and crew without hesitation.

Carol and Ed Fraga, Topanga

We first met Maurice Bourget of Bourget Construction about eight years ago when we searched for a local contractor to do some major work on our home in Topanga Canyon. Living in a woodland fire zone (and the major fire here in 1993), led us to conclude our cedar siding needed to be replaced with something less flammable. We were really happy with the results of the job he and his crew did. Maurice and the foreman on the job were both not simply contractors and builders, but artists with an eye for detail, which meant the final job looked truly “finished,” not just “done.” They also found several problems with the original construction of the house and with a mutual plan corrected them, making our home more solid and stable than it was before.

We then hired Maurice again to re-roof our home. He brought us several options meeting different levels of aesthetic and safety considerations, and we were again really happy with the results.

And then a few years after that we did the final major work, which was rebuilding the two decks (each about 50 feet long) to make them more fire safe and remedy termite and wood rot problems. He recommended an architect we then worked with to develop a design, and suggested the beautiful mangaris wood which is rich-looking and dense (a fire consideration) and other design features that helped with cost effectiveness. The finished decks met fire code regulations and are beautiful. Maurice’s finishing details, as with the residing of the house, made a great deal of difference in the final look of our home.

The Bourget Construction crew has worked with Maurice for many years, which means he knows and trusts each of them explicitly. They proved to be polite, considerate, and always willing to answer questions. Even though construction is always noisy and messy, their clean up was great and their consideration regarding noise and timing was never a problem. As a separate project Maurice’s son Marcel did some electrical work for us and he was also professional and considerate. All in all, we are Bourget Construction fans and would recommend them to anyone.

Donald Day, Topanga

Thank you for saving our septic system. You diagnosed
the problem correctly and repaired it without cutting any corners (like
other contractors in the business). You literally saved my father’s dream
home from ruin and most importantly thanks to Maurice and his crew the
system now functions well. Words or money can’t express my gratitude for
your work, the kindness and the professionalism of your crew…a solid, hard
working, honest team. Thank you.

Donald Day, Topanga (follow up)

After the job was done perfectly, an unrelated plumbing problem developed.
Not only did Maurice follow through on his word of a guarantee, but he had
his crew fix the problem free of charge (even though the problem was
unrelated to his company’s work). I can not imagine a better company to
work with if you care about doing things correctly once. This company never
does things haphazardly and quickly to make a buck. The value of honest
hard work done correctly can never be underestimated in the construction
business. Over the long run you will always save money. You can pay less for work and you will have to pay again in the future.

This crew will do it right the first time and they will guarantee their work
so you will never have to pay to fix it again in the future. Bourget Construction always has work because they are the best at what they do!

Megan Rice, Topanga

Maurice Bourget is an extremely professional contractor, and a wonderful human being. We knew of his stellar reputation, long before we ever called him to repair our septic system.

His strong and friendly crew worked tirelessly for us, and accomplished great results. At the end of each work day, they left the site clean and orderly. Maurice maintained frequent communications with us, making sure that we always understood the scope, time, and cost of the work.

I highly recommend Maurice Bourget for all your construction needs.

Rosi Dagit, Topanga

Well, our latest old Topanga house drama renewed my long standing faith in the problem solving skills of Maurice Bourget! Over 20 years ago, Maurice, Martin, Robby and the crew helped us move into our 1920’s cabin kitchen with multiple bootlegs that was a mess. When they pulled out the ceiling, a case of empty beer cans rolled out, the only insulation there was! Not one stud in any wall was a whole piece of wood – they were all scraps pieced together. At that time, they rebuilt every part of the kitchen, except the floor and it had served us well.

Fast forward to spring 2011, and the well used dishwasher, oven and stovetop were wearing out and we decided to replace the appliances. The new ones arrived, the guys showed up on time to pull the old ones out, and then the problems started.

Upon extraction of the old dishwasher we unhappily found that the floor had rotted out. With further excavation, we discovered that problems didn’t end at the floor but extended to the whole support structure underneath. Things looked so bad, you had to wonder what the folks who had built this in the first place, were thinking.

Leaving only the walls and roof in place, Maurice and the guys not only managed to pull out and replace the old floor substructure, but they were able to correct the 3” difference in height from one end of the room to the other. They then installed a beautiful new tile floor and somehow managed to match it with the existing wood floor in the living room. It was quite a feat. We’re still not sure how that was possible.

After that, replacing all the custom cabinets they built 20 years ago to accommodate the new appliances, spiffy drawers and beautiful granite counter top went along with minimal drama. They even managed to make the new exhaust hood over the stovetop blend into the room by customizing a wood paneling that matched the cabinets. Day after day, Chris varnished, sanded and perseverated over the finish, while the guys cut the pieces. Our optimistic estimate of 3-4 weeks turned into 8 weeks of cooking outside on the camp stove, but the finished kitchen was worth the wait.

This project was yet another in a long line of home improvements implemented by Maurice and his team over the years. We really appreciate their quick and clever solutions to quirky problems, and a nicer group of people working in our house every day could not be found. You guys are the best! Thanks so much for everything.